Be an Energy Specialist!

Are you aged 15 to 22, living in the Bay Area?

Are you passionate about helping people and helping the environment?

Can you work as part of a team? Are you self-motivated?

Can you speak a second language, particularly Spanish?

You might qualify for a fun job marketing and making “green house calls” in your neighborhood.

If you’ve already worked as an Energy Specialist, we welcome you to apply again – and if you’re ready for more responsibility, check out our LIFT program.


Here’s what you’ll be doing

You’ll be working from a local office in your community, as part of a team of twelve. First, you’ll be trained in marketing, customer service, and energy efficiency. Then, you’ll be teamed up with a partner to go into the field, outreach to the public, and perform green house calls.

You’ll check out each home, including bathrooms, kitchen, attic and yard, and to make recommendations about how to improve energy and water efficiency.


  • You’ll replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.
  • You’ll replace old shower heads with water-efficient aerated shower heads.
  • You’ll install aerators to make faucets water-efficient.
  • You’ll check toilets for leaks and water-efficiency.
  • You’ll investigate attics and check insulation
  • You’ll advise residents on how to save even more.
  • You’ll perform between three and six green house calls each day.
When does the program run?

From June to August each year, Tuesdays to Fridays, with some Saturdays.
We also run fall, winter and spring programs in some areas. Check back regularly to learn about current opportunities.


How much will I be paid?

About $9 to $10 per hour.


Do I need certain grades to be hired?

Your school grades are less important than your attitude and your personality.


How do I find out more, or apply to join?

**We are currently taking applications for CYES Summer 2012 Youth Energy Specialists in the East Bay and Marin County.** 
Energy Specialist 2012 Job Description
Energy Specialist 2012 Employment Application 

We are also accepting applications for the Leader-in-Field-Training (LIFT) Program for summer 2012.
LIFT 2012 Job Description

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