Summer Plans Drive

Packet here: summer job fair flyer


Jobs, Internships, Peralta…. This summer all Division 3 students will have an enriching experience.


Why is it important that all students have enriching summer experiences?

–       Keeps students out of trouble and makes Oakland safer and healthier

–       Develops experience that will help students gain jobs and internships in the future

–       Extracurricular activities are really important for college and scholarship applications

–       Students build a network of professional relationship and contacts that help lead to more opportunities

–       Possibility to earn graduation credit for academic work, internships and work experience

–       Opportunity to earn money to pay for college

–       Helps fight “summer slide” (on average students lose 2.5 months of learning during inactive summers)

–       Full and active summers make happy students; hanging out at home for 2 months makes bored and depressed students



–       All 10th, 11th and 12th grade students required to engage in a training, learning, enrichment, or work experience this summer.

–       This could look like taking a Peralta Community College course, attending PCA or other college prep program, participating in an academic enrichment program on a college campus, having a paid job, interning or apprenticing in a field you are interested in, volunteering with a local organization, traveling through a program, training with a sports team, participating in a fellowship, or attending summer school.

–       “My Summer Plans” form must be turned-in to Ms.Bellow by the end of Marking Period 5: April 27.


Search and apply for opportunities:

–       Check out CCPA’s Summer Opportunities database at:

–       Check the OPPORTUNITIES board in the FRC

–       Visit Ms.Bellow and Ms.Laura in the FRC for support searching and applying for opportunities

–       Create your resume and learn how to write cover letters at (you will need to create an account; CCPA’s “n-code” is N3426722UQH)

–       CCPA will be able to issue work permits on site soon


Social security numbers:

Don’t need social security number:

  • Mayor Summer Jobs Program
  • Project WHAT!
  • Brothers on the Rise

Need social security number:

  • Oakland Parks and Recreation jobs
  • Metropolitan Transportation Council jobs
  •  C.I.T.Y. Teen Intern


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