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Become a Youth Ambassador Flyer



Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS) hosts programs for young adults to volunteer abroad. AMIGOS’ volunteer opportunities focus on youth leadership training and community development in Latin America.


Youth Participants are competitively selected high school students who have demonstrated leadership aptitude and an interest in community service; exhibit flexibility, maturity, integrity, good social skills, and open-mindedness; have the motivation necessary to be active and successful exchange participants; and will attend at least one more semester of secondary school after the exchange program.

The application for San Francisco Bay Area Youth Ambassadors and Mentors is now open. Apply Today!


The Youth Ambassadors Program is one of the many exchanges sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA).  The Youth Ambassadors Program brings together high school students and adult mentors from 25 countries across the Americas to promote mutual understanding, increase leadership skills, and prepare youth to make a difference in their communities.  The three-week exchanges are focused on civic education, community service, and youth leadership development.  After participating in the exchange, all Youth Ambassadors work on Community Based Initiatives in their home communities.

AMIGOS administers the Youth Ambassadors Program in Paraguay, Uruguay and the San Francisco Bay Area.  In Paraguay, AMIGOS partners with Fundación Paraguaya’s Junior Achievement Team and the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay to carry out the Youth Ambassador Program. In Uruguay, AMIGOS collaborates withFundación DESEM del Uruguay and the U.S. Embassy in Uruguay to coordinate the program.


The 3-week international exchange for SF Bay Area Youth Ambassadors in Paraguay will run from July 10- August 3, 2012.



The Paraguayan and Uruguayan Youth Ambassadors have returned home and are working on their Community Based Initiatives. Get updates on our Facebook page!











TA summer job

Job Description for Teaching Assistant
Go to to apply online
Questions? email
Position Description
The position of Teaching Assistant (TA) is a unique opportunity for high school and
incoming college students to develop teaching skills and experience by working directly with middle school students under the supervision of professional teachers. TAs assist Lead Teachers or Teaching Interns in teaching core classes (Math, Science, Humanities, Issues and Choices) and are responsible for leading or assisting in afternoon activities, monitoring lunch periods and recess, attending events in the evenings and writing student evaluations at the end of the summer.  TAs often provide a valuable link between the adult teachers and the students and help to ensure that the Core Values (CORE) of Community, Opportunity, Respect and High Expectations are brought to life for students and fellow staff members.  At Aim High, the opinions and viewpoints of TAs are valued in the teaching community.  This is a six-week position; one week of training and five weeks with the middle school students (June 18th – July 27th).
Duties and Responsibilities
• TAs work closely with assigned Lead Teachers or Teaching Interns in the daily
planning and implementing of lesson plans in morning academic classes.  This may
involve assisting small groups of students, correcting homework, occasionally
leading lessons, preparing materials, and other teaching related duties.
• TAs co-lead advising groups, working to create a positive environment for sharing
issues during the five-week program.
• TAs assist and lead afternoon activities and sports offerings.  This includes
planning, leading and securing materials needed to run these activities. TAs are
also often required to write a small number of end-of-summer student evaluations.
• TAs are required to attend the entire first week of faculty training, after school
faculty meetings, and special evening events.
• Responsible, positive role model, diligent and conscientious, good communication
skills. Aim High graduates are encouraged to apply.
Compensation, Dates and Hours
• TAs receive a stipend for the summer.  Salary commensurate with experience and
grade level.  TA positions are full time over the six weeks of the program.  TAs are
expected to work during the program hours of 7:45 to 3:30, plus during after school
faculty meetings and special events.

Incredible Opportunity for Undocumented students!

What is Dream Summer?
Dream Summer is a 10-week full-time internship program that will place DREAM Act
student leaders with social justice, labor and Queer/LGBTQ organizations. Each participant will receive a $5,000 scholarship to support her or his educational goals.  Scholarships will be distributed at the END of the Internship.
For more info and to apply, visit:

GREEN JOBS: career training apprenticeship and job for high school graduates

Planning on going to community college next year and is interested in engineering, construction or science?
Not sure what your plans are for after graduation? 
Check out the Green Jobs Corps Programs below.  Visit Ms.Bellow in the FRC for help with applications.
Green job corps programs provide training and employment in the growing job sector of green (environmental) industries.  Receive career training and study solar installation, energy efficiency in buildings, green construction, principles of ecology, environmental sustainability, and environmental justice.  Programs place you in a paid apprenticeship or full-time job in green industry. All of the programs include a community college component.
If interested, check out the programs below:

Be an Energy Specialist!

Are you aged 15 to 22, living in the Bay Area?

Are you passionate about helping people and helping the environment?

Can you work as part of a team? Are you self-motivated?

Can you speak a second language, particularly Spanish?

You might qualify for a fun job marketing and making “green house calls” in your neighborhood.

If you’ve already worked as an Energy Specialist, we welcome you to apply again – and if you’re ready for more responsibility, check out our LIFT program.


Here’s what you’ll be doing

You’ll be working from a local office in your community, as part of a team of twelve. First, you’ll be trained in marketing, customer service, and energy efficiency. Then, you’ll be teamed up with a partner to go into the field, outreach to the public, and perform green house calls.

You’ll check out each home, including bathrooms, kitchen, attic and yard, and to make recommendations about how to improve energy and water efficiency.


  • You’ll replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.
  • You’ll replace old shower heads with water-efficient aerated shower heads.
  • You’ll install aerators to make faucets water-efficient.
  • You’ll check toilets for leaks and water-efficiency.
  • You’ll investigate attics and check insulation
  • You’ll advise residents on how to save even more.
  • You’ll perform between three and six green house calls each day.
When does the program run?

From June to August each year, Tuesdays to Fridays, with some Saturdays.
We also run fall, winter and spring programs in some areas. Check back regularly to learn about current opportunities.


How much will I be paid?

About $9 to $10 per hour.


Do I need certain grades to be hired?

Your school grades are less important than your attitude and your personality.


How do I find out more, or apply to join?

**We are currently taking applications for CYES Summer 2012 Youth Energy Specialists in the East Bay and Marin County.** 
Energy Specialist 2012 Job Description
Energy Specialist 2012 Employment Application 

We are also accepting applications for the Leader-in-Field-Training (LIFT) Program for summer 2012.
LIFT 2012 Job Description

Apply Now!